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Cleanroom Lighting

Our comprehensive suite of cleanroom lighting solutions is designed to meet the stringent standards for clean environments. Tailored for precision, efficiency, and durability, our products ensure optimal illumination while adhering to cleanliness and safety protocols.

Cleanroom Lighting Fixture Types

LED Light Fixtures

LED lighting is preferred for cleanrooms and controlled environments because of its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and minimal heat output.

Sealed and Gasketed Fixtures

Essential for areas where cleanliness and contamination control are critical, our lighting fixtures are sealed and gasketed to prevent the ingress of particles and moisture.

Mounting Styles

Lay-In Lighting

Lay-in light fixtures are installed into an opening in the ceiling so the fixture sits flush with the surface. 

Flange-Mounted Lighting

Flange lights are mounted directly to the ceiling surface, providing a tight seal against the ceiling and suitable for walkable ceiling applications. 

Integrated Lighting

LED Lights can be built into ceiling grid systems and/or fan filter units in densely populated conditions.

Surface-Mounted Lighting

These lights are mounted directly onto the surface of the ceiling (or sometimes walls).

Our Lighting Partnerships

  • LA Lighting
  • Kennall
  • Cooper / Failsafe
  • AJ Mfg.
  • CRI
  • GrayBar

Cleanroom Lighting Design Options


Overlapping Door

Inset Door


Top & Plenum Access

Ceiling Grid Integrated LED Lights Strips 

Fan Filter Unit Integrated LED Lights

Tear Drop Light Fixtures

Materials of Construction

Antimicrobial Finish

Heavy Gauge Steel

Powder Coated Steel or Aluminum

Stainless Steel


ISO Class 1 to Class 8 


UL USA and Canada Listed

Suitable for Damp or Wet Environments


Tunable White (Lumen Output & Color)

Wavelength Programmable (amber, blue light, etc.)



Smooth Acrylic


Optional Features

Lighting Control Options

Dual Lighting Control Options

Hazardous Classification 

Fan Filter Unit LED Lighting

Lighting Integration for Modular Cleanroom Wall Systems

Our cleanroom lighting solutions integrate with both structural and seamless-style cleanroom construction.

Structural Solutions

Structural systems can be constructed without tying into building infrastructure. These structures can be configured to support mechanical equipment & accommodate expansion; helping future-proof your investment. 

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Seamless Solutions

Seamless modular wall systems provide the highest levels of sterility and ease of cleaning. The seamless nature of these walls significantly reduces the risk of contamination and particle accumulation.

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Make Your Next Cleanroom Installation Effortless

If you have an upcoming project that requires a modular system installation, talk with a Waites Company expert. We’ll show you how our team can deliver unbeatable quality and value with no surprises along the way.