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Fan Filter Units & Terminal Units for Cleanrooms

Air changes and filter efficiency are critical components of cleanroom performance. Fan filter units (FFUs) and terminal units can be used independently or in combination to meet the most stringent cleanroom requirements.  

HEPA and ULPA Fan Filter Units 

Fan filter units (FFUs) are self-contained units that combine a fan and a filter. FFUs move and filter air, creating a laminar flow that directs it in a steady, unidirectional flow, independent of the HVAC system. In addition, there is a potential reduction in AHU size and ductwork requirements.

HEPA and ULPA Terminal Units

Unlike FFUs, terminal units do not have built-in fans; they rely on the cleanroom’s HVAC system to provide airflow. The air, having been pre-filtered by the HVAC system to remove larger particles, passes through the terminal unit’s HEPA or ULPA filter to remove the smallest contaminants before entering the cleanroom.

  • May be combined with FFUs for advanced cleanroom designs

FFU and Terminal Units Features & Customization


Lay In

Overlapping Frame


Roomside Removeable

Topper / Non-Roomside Removeable

Integrated LED Lighting

Grille Options

Inlet Collar Size Options

Materials of Construction

Stainless steel (304 or 316)


Powder Coated White

Painted Steel


2’x2’, 2’x3’, 2’x4’, 4’ x 4’

Filter Types



Gel & Gasket Seal

Airflow & Speed Control (FFUs)

Programmable up to 1200 CFM

90 FPM average face velocity

Damper Types (Terminal Units)

Bow Tie, Butterfly, Guillotine, Slide

Power Options

115 Volt (60 Hz), 208-230 Volt (50/60 Hz) and 277 Volt (60 Hz)


ASHRAE Standards

ISO Classes 1 through 8

UL listed

Optional Features and Integrations

Customizable Control Console Options

Filter Monitoring 

Roomside CFM Digital Display

BMS Integrations & Remote Monitoring

Integrated LED Lighting

Face-Mounted LED Indicator

Aerosol, Sampling, Static Ports

Fully Welded Construction

Room-Side Removable Motor/Blower Assembly

Plenum Ceiling Systems

Suitable for ISO 5 environments, plenum ceiling systems eliminate the need for field-built ducts and duct collars while reducing pressure drop. Plenum modules have the same benefits as flush ceiling grids, including integrated lighting and fire protection and excellent performance.


  • Plenum Modules are Available in Sizes Up To 8’ x 24’
  • Able to withstand high point loads with minimum deflection
  • Plenums can support recirculation air handlers, live loads, and other accessories.
  • Maintenance access to fan modules is made easy via walkable top skins.
  • Provides Direct Support for Recirculation Air Handlers
  • Plenum Module Eliminates the Need for Field-Built Plenums
  • Shared Air Openings to Adjacent Plenums
  • Plenum Modules are Suspended from Structure or Custom Floor Mounted Support Structure can be

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Fan Filter Units and Terminal Units for Modular Cleanroom Wall Systems

Our FFUs and terminal units can be integrated with either structural or seamless-style cleanroom construction.

Structural Solutions

Structural systems can be constructed without tying into building infrastructure. These structures can be configured to support mechanical equipment & accommodate expansion; helping future-proof your investment. 

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Seamless Solutions

Seamless modular wall systems provide the highest levels of sterility and ease of cleaning. The seamless nature of these walls significantly reduces the risk of contamination and particle accumulation.

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Make Your Next Cleanroom Installation Effortless

If you have an upcoming project that requires a modular system installation, talk with a Waites Company expert. We’ll show you how our team can deliver unbeatable quality and value with no surprises along the way.