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Air Quality Products


American Air Filter

Clean Air Solutions for Processes Industrial Filtration. AAF understands the importance of Going Green. All AAF products are designed and constructed with energy savings, minimal carbon footprint, and superior performance in mind. Our goal is to protect the environment in every aspect of our business. Now, throughout our website, you can easily identify products that may contribute to Going Green and the achievement of LEED® project certification.



GREENGUARD Indoor Air CertificationThe Green movement is evolving from an emerging trend to a viable mainstream option that is continually gaining momentum. Viledon / Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, L.P. has been part of this movement since 2006. We are the first and only Air Filter manufacturer that has met the stringent Third-Party Certification process of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI). Freudenberg Filtration Technologies selected GEI due to its focus on chemical and particulate emissions that affect the building occupant’s safety and health.



An increasing number of commercial buildings are employing energy conservation products and practices to cut energy costs. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) represents the largest energy use in commercial buildings. Unfortunately, cutting HVAC costs is often at the expense of indoor air quality (IAQ). History has proven that buildings with insufficient ventilation compromise the health of building occupants. Enersave is the solution!



Nederman is a world leader in dust and smoke extraction, exhaust fume extraction, hose and cable reels and workplace partitioning.


KB Duct

K&B Duct’s NEW Adjustable ‘Forever Clamp’ is the final answer to leaks from oil mist and high pressure applications.Just like the standard clamp, the new adjustable clamp is guaranteed to never break or become un-useable or we will replace it for free. BUT THIS CLAMP GOES FARTHER! Clamp it just like the standard clamp and then tighten it down.



United Air Specialists, Inc.

United Air Specialists, Inc. (UAS) was founded in 1966, with the mission of designing and manufacturing air purification equipment of the highest quality. With this commitment to quality driving company policy, UAS has become the industry leader in air cleaning and pollution control.The company provides solutions to air quality problems ranging from welding smoke, oil mist and process dusts in factories to indoor air quality concerns like cigarette smoke and allergens in offices, bars and homes. UAS offers a diverse product line that meets or exceeds regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).



Since 1892, The Spencer Turbine Company has applied a unique Engineering Edge to create innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems. Today, the world faces extreme challenges in the areas of energy and the environment.



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