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Modular Material Installation & MEP Integration

We maximize your project value by helping manage material installation and MEP coordination.

MEP Integration for Better Cleanroom Construction

By considering MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems early in the design process, we work with general contractors, end users, and property owners to facilitate efficient modular installations, minimize delays, and ensure that our cleanrooms meet stringent performance standards. Our team also collaborates seamlessly with MEP subcontractors during the build process to make your project run smoothly.

Benefits of Modular Cleanroom Construction

Clean Build

Modular “clean build” components are manufactured off-site under controlled conditions to minimize dust and other airborne contaminants during construction, which is critical for sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food manufacturing.

Pre-Engineered for cGMP Finish

Designed with current Good Manufacturing Practices, modular wall systems are easy to clean and disinfect, minimize particle generation, resist corrosion, and can be designed with seamless joints to prevent dust accumulation and make for even easier cleaning.

Faster Installation, Faster to Market

Don’t let cleanroom construction be what causes project delays. Modular construction allows for the quickest possible installation, which helps your overall project stay on time and makes the job site run smoothly.

Easy Expansion, Modification, and Retrofits

Modular cleanroom systems allow for effortless expansion, modification, and retrofitting to meet evolving needs so that your facility maintains operational efficiency with minimal downtime or disruption.

Installation Capabilities

In addition to our top-quality modular wall systems, Waites Company is your single source for turnkey cleanroom solutions of any specification. Our solutions include:

  • Structural Modular Cleanroom Systems
  • Seamless Modular Cleanroom Wall Systems
  • Modular Material Installation & MEPs
  • Cleanroom Swing Doors
  • High-Speed Roll-Up and Slider Doors
  • Cleanroom Lighting Solutions
  • Material Pass Throughs and Air Showers
  • Finished Flooring Solutions
  • Filtered and Unfiltered Air Return Options
  • HEPA Fan Filter Units and Terminal Units

Project Management and Integration

Our construction management process provides an at-a-glance view of your project status, updated in real time. We simplify everything from start to finish: BIM and 3D Modeling, structural certifications and stamp drawings, and documentation handoff and training.

Why Waites Company?

We Fill the Gaps

All we need are performance and regulatory requirements — we’ll take it from there to select the right configuration to build a cleanroom that performs.

Dynamic & Responsive Team

Most projects have hundreds of moving parts. Our team knows how to make cleanroom construction and installation the smoothest part of your project.

Performance to the Particle

We’re “particular” about which manufacturers we represent, so you can rest assured that your cleanroom will perform to specifications.

Our Installation Partners

Make Your Next Cleanroom Installation Effortless

If you have an upcoming project that requires a modular system installation, talk with a Waites Company expert. We’ll show you how our team can deliver unbeatable quality and value with no surprises along the way.