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Clean Room Solutions



Plascore, Inc. is a global leader of modular cleanroom systems for both the pharmaceutical/life sciences and semi-conductor/nanotechnology industries. Pharma™ is designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, and features progressive and non-progressive walls and ceilings with anti-microbial surfaces, coves and chemically-welded flush seams. Semiconductor™ cleanroom systems are designed for semi conductor and clean fabrication. Both systems are available with framed, studless and liner wall options, and are custom manufactured to customer’s print and includes doors, windows, pass-thrus, air curtains and utility chases. ‘Plug and play’ delivery system virtually eliminates job-site alterations, while offering unmatched flexibility.



For over 20 years, PortaFab has been a leading manufacturer of modular cleanrooms. With three distinct lines of cleanroom wall systems, we can develop a cost effective solution for any application.



Kingspan is the global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solution.  Kingspan’s commercial insulated metal roof and wall panel systems combine design flexibility, efficiency and performance to create the ultimate building envelope solution.



Clean Rooms International 

Designing The Most Comprehensive Range of Solutions For The Cleanroom Industry . . . Around The World.



Gateway Marketing Solutions

Gateway Marketing Solutions has been a Manufacturer’s Representative agency since 1991. We started in the Industrial Material Handling Market and Started a Lighting Division in 2006. Servicing Areas of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Southern IL., Oklahoma and Arkansas

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